What Makes You Smile? – South East Asia

A journey to South East Asia to find out what makes people smile. Along the way I learned about the things that me smile and I hope by watching it you will be reminded of some of the things that make you smile. LiveLifeLoveLife.Smile A special thank you to my good friend Erik Wilting who…

Mr. Happy Man – Johnny Barnes

This incredible human being is a model of spreading love. His commitment to sharing his happiness to the world is unparalleled. Everyday he stand on a corner and spends his energy and the only thing he wants in return is the smiles on peoples faces as they drive by and wave to him. Thank you…

Zach Sobiech: My Last Days

This video is incredible. It’s really hard to get through but it’s Just another reminder to “live your live.” Even with his situation he found a way to light up everyone around him. Amazing people make this world amazing.

Videos you’ll love

We all need inspiration. We all need words and imagery to direct our focus to the good things in life. Sometimes we just want to look at something and enjoy the creativity or just enjoy a good story. Here is a list of some of my favourite videos under 5 min (except the first one)….