The Anonymous Project

Who?  Travel rookie from Vancouver, Canada.

What? Travelling to South East Asia with my camera to ask people: what makes you smile? 

Where? South East Asia: Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, maybe Phillippines? After that? No one knows yet…not even theanonymoustraveller.

Why? To spread positivity, learn about people and grow as a person. 

When? January 2013

Want to know more about my project?

I’ve always dreamed of travelling for life. I’ve seen people leave and come back (or not) with memories and experiences they could have never had any other way. To me, to be rich means being wealthy with memories. I want to go out there experience the world. 


I bounced a few ideas around and ask for feedback from those around me and came up with a project. As I travel, I will capture as many videos footage and take as many photos as possible of the scenery and people I meet. When I get back, that is if I come back, I’ll compile all of my experiences and create a video.

UPDATE: September 16, 2013

I ended coming back to Vancouver and I visited every country in the ‘where’ section except the Philippines. Just because I’m back it doesn’t mean I won’t be leaving again. My video is near completion and I’m working on setting up my next adventure so stay tuned.

“live life love life. Smile”



  1. Arashk says:

    So proud of u for doing this 🙂
    Wish u the best of luck and hope to see u in ur travels.
    Be safe , be smart and be kind .
    Looking forward to watching the video and listening to ur music .
    Much LOVE

  2. thank you my friend 🙂 live life love life

  3. Sander says:

    Awesome budy! I think many people are thinking/dreaming about doing this but something is always holding them back, same here. Making the first step is the most difficult one, you already made this step. I will follow you closely mate. Your the your the best! haha

  4. Thomas Trowbridge says:

    I want you to learn muay thai kickboxing and go a round or

  5. that’s a really good one. I’ll put it in one of the next challenge polls. thanks.

  6. TBM says:

    Sounds like a great plan. I wish you a joyous journey and many smiles.

  7. Thank you. I hope to see encounter many smiles while I learn about people and myself.

  8. Adrien says:

    I am excited to follow your trip and experience !
    Will travel throught your posts and pictures.
    Take care, have fun and make it happen !


  9. Thanks my friend. If you haven’t already, the easiest way to follow my travels is by clicking “follow me” at the bottom of my page.

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