Favourite thought

live your life for fullfillment, not acheivement – Tony Robbins


To live your life for acheivements is how we’ve grown up. We work hard to get that degree. The job. The promotion. The house. The family. And on and on. But not everyone is necessarily built to live that way. I’ve noticed that a lot of happy people are doing something that fulfills them. It could be anything but I see a trend. The trend is that most people like to help other people. In some way, directly or indirectly. Have you ever noticed how satisfying it is to help someone out? Even the simple act of holding the door open for someone gives you the slightest amount of satisfaction. I’m not saying you need to devote your life to helping people but look to do something that really fulfills you. Maybe playing a sport really fulfills you because you get the maximum amount of satisfaction from it and that’s fine but have you noticed how a lot of athletes run charities or volunteer their time to their communities? Once your basic needs are met, what makes you happy? Have you ever played the “lottery game?” You know, that game where you pretend you’ve won the lottery and now you have unlimited money to do with what you want. After you’ve listed off a few things I’m sure you get to the point where you go “…then I’ll make sure all my friends and family are okay. I would help this community and that organization and…” Once you’ve pretend-bought your house, your car and your vacation property you look for the next thing that makes you happy. No?

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