I am a walking billboard

The other day I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror. A walking billboard.

I was wearing the shoe brand represented by the swoosh. Socks named after the first part of the city ending in -delphia. Boxing shorts brand famous for lasting forever. A shirt that with the acronym all day I dream about – you can fill in the last word. And boxers that made me feel like the synonym of winner. All brands clearly visible, I couldn’t help but realize how ridiculous I actually looked. First I found the fact that I was wearing five various brands ridiculous until I realized what I was doing. I guess we all do it a lot of the time whether it’s conscious or not. Our Macbook’s, phones, cars, shoes, etc.

Have you heard what they’ve done in Sao Paolo, Brazil? A few years ago they banned outdoor advertisements. The city is clean and business practices have changed. People view the change in a positive light and have become more familiar with their city.

Do you think displaying brands on your clothes is bad? Are we being used? What do you think?


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