What would you do – if money was no object?

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you had infinite money or if the idea of money didn’t exist in our reality? Would you be a painter? Would you save animals? Would you try to invent something useful to society? What is your passion? How many times have you heard the phrase “It’s just a job. It’s not what I really love doing.” Last question. Why aren’t we doing what we love? Fear? I definitely am afraid of what will happen if I don’t live under conventional wisdom. I have been trained to learn one way of living life. That is to go to school, WORK, find a career, WORK, get married, WORK, buy a house, WORK, have kids, WORK, buy things I don’t need, WORK, retire and finally LIVE. WHAT? So for the majority of my life I will work rather than live? I thought the purpose of my life was to live. To experience as much as possible. It’s difficult to adjust my way of thought but doesn’t it makes sense to? Yes, in our society we need money to live but how much we NEED has to be distinguished from how much we WANT. Do we need that Mercedes-benz? Do we need the 60 inch TV? The 5 bedrooms? The 600 TV channels? I know I don’t. That doesn’t make me better than people who do it’s just a difference of what’s important to you. If having more possessions, a nicer car and a big house is important to you then I encourage you do what you can to achieve that. However if living more freely by having more money to do the things you love is important then you may want to consider drastically changing what you’re spending money on.

The morale of my story is: Live life love life. Smile šŸ™‚


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