Memory a day #32 – Lost in Barcelona

I lost her. My girlfriend, at the time, was with me as were headed onto the Barcelona metro late at night. She was ahead of me and as we were walking towards a train we both had a doubt about. We didn’t know if it was the right train, which is where I hesitated. By now she was on the train and I was on the station platform just a couple of feet back. By the time we could agree on whether to get on or stay off she was gone and I was still standing on the platform. We stood staring at each other as I motioned that I would stay there as she waved for me to head her way. Here was a situation where I wish I knew sign language.  It was late, barely anyone around and I had all of her money and belongings in my backpack. I thought to myself if I get on the next train then we’ll both be en route and it would be impossible to find each other so I decided I stay where I was and hope that she could get back to me on another train. I didn’t know how she would without money but it seemed like a better option than chasing each other in transit. I waited a gruelling 15 minutes until I saw her headed my way on the other side of the platform. She managed to get someone to help her buy a ticket when she explained what had happened and made it back to where I was. When we finally reunited we got onto the next train, together this time, and found out it was the last train headed to our hostel. It’s a laugh now because of how ridiculously indecisive and clueless we were about the train but it was quite nerve racking when someone you care about is wandering at midnight in a city you are unfamiliar in with no money or phone to aid her.  We made it out of Barcelona alive.


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