Is the world too much?

Is the world too much? I don’t know if you feel like me lately but I feel like there’s just too much going on.

Information overload. Blogs (like mine), TV, YouTube, Google, Facebook and on and on and on. Everyday we are exposed to more information than we ever have but we don’t learn anything. How often do you have to re-look up that thing? That name? That movie? And re-look it up over and over again and never seem to remember it. This idea has been around for a while and has been coined the Google effect.

Too many friends. We talk to more people and have more friends than ever before but we don’t know anyone. I mean we don’t really know the people we call our friends. It’s unfortunate because a lot of these friends are really great and worth getting to know on a deeper level but is there enough time? Try this for a day. Record how many people you communicate with during the day via text, phone, Facebook, blogs, email, in person, etc. and I think you’ll be amazed at how many people you actually speak to in one day. Or look at your Facebook friends list. How many do you regularly speak to? I’m willing to bet you not all 700.

Living in a commercial. Everywhere you look you’re being advertised too. Even if you’re not looking there’s someone on the radio telling you which dentist to see next. And to think a lot of us are working for free as we walk down the street flaunting our Nike shoes or Gucci bag like human billboards  We don’t get paid for it and what’s worse is we actually pay them. Some cities are catching on this visual pollution and making drastic changes. Read this amazing story of Brazil’s largest city that cleaned up and removed all visible advertisement and changed the dynamics of the city.

Proper english anyone? Wut am i talking bout? how about if i rite like dis?. ya. we cant be bothered to rite prprly. sorry i mean type. we shorten wrds to save time. y? bc we have so much to do. to many ppl to chat to. to many videoz to watch on youtube. r we simply becoming dumer? have you seen this movie?

What are your thoughts? Can you give up your cell phone? Facebook? Do you feel bombarded?


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