Memory a day #25 – Muay Thai

They take their Muay Thai seriously. It’s one of the most popular sports in Thailand along with Soccer and I thought I would give it a go. I’ve trained SKF kickboxing in Canada and consider myself athletic so I wanted to see what it would be like to train like the Thai people. In the heat. Four hours before my next bus ride. Dehydrated. Hadn’t worked out in over 2 months. I was in for a treat. The gym I went to was just off of the famous Khao San road so it was a bit more commercialized than one of those gym retreats on the country side where you actually live for a week. We started with some warm up and some techniques and then we went two by two into the ring for some target training. In Canada, when I trained I would wear a bunch of padding on my shins, feet, head and even a cup. In Thailand, all I had were my gloves and my naivety. I thought I could step in and beat those pads like it was nobody’s business. I punched, kicked, kneed, and elbowed those poor pads. I was quite proud. We finished up and I went back to my hostel. I showered and got ready for my next departure and that’s when I learned something very important. You can’t step into a ring after months of not training and try to kick the crap out of some pads without leaving with your butt being handed to you. For the next few days tiger balm was my best friend.


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