Memory a day #23 – 4000 Islands, Laos

Very little people know about this place. An archipelago in Laos based on the Mekong river this area is quiet, private and the perfect place to relax with your partner. There are two main islands where most people stay, one is the party island and the other is the quiet island, however both islands are shutdown at midnight so the most partying you’ll be doing after that is hanging out on hammocks with a group of friends drinking the strategically pre-purchased beer you bought before the bars and restaurants closed. The place to meet people is the reggae bar located on the party island where all kinds of travellers can be found just laying around enjoying the vibe. I spent most of my meals at one restaurant where I had everything from pasta to pizza and Thai food. The Laos cuisine wasn’t as available in 4000 islands as I felt the Laos people were trying to cater to the tourists needs by offering international options which was a little disappointing for me because I love trying new cuisines. During our stay my friends and I ventured off to a waterfall, visited a small village on the opposite side of the island where we were staying and enjoyed some beautiful sunsets at a restaurant/bar owned by a French guy who had married a Laos woman and moved to the island a few years earlier. He said when he came to the island there was barely any development and he was the first bar there. He bought his large piece of land for a small fortune, maybe around $7000 USD, and in the coming years he built a bar/restaurant and accommodation for travellers. He was living the life in my eyes. I wonder how much land is now, 2 years later. So make you to take a small break from the hustle and bustle of travelling and relax a few days in 4000 islands.


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