Memory a day #22 – La Rambla

Barcelona is a lively city with lots to do and see. You feel the energy just walking down the streets especially down the famous La Rambla. Cultures collide and music fills the air. Food all around and 1 Euro cans of beer sold on the street. You can get lost in alley ways but you might end up finding fancy restaurant like I did. I ended up trying paella for the first time and I’m glad I had it authentic. One popular tourist destination is the Sagrada Familia, a gigantic Roman Catholic Church, was my next stop. By the time I got to the Sagrada Familia it was closed and I didn’t get the chance to go in but it was a sight to see nonetheless. The massive structure is still being constructed with a projected completion time of 2026-2028. The metro was an excellent transportation option which gave me access to the whole city. If you get a chance to see the city from an elevated area like the castle I visited please do. You see an old Catalan city rather than a modern architecture in other cities. I enjoyed real coffee, real food and real people in my time there and I know you will too.


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  1. oureverydayadventures365 says:

    Take me back there please

  2. When I go back you can join 🙂

  3. oureverydayadventures365 says:

    Nice 🙂

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