Memory a day #18 – Vietnam Sand Dunes

I never thought of Vietnam would have deserts. Well sand dunes. Nevertheless, it was surprising. There was a white sand dune and a red sand dune both just as beautiful. Our first stop was the white sand dunes where we were met by kids selling renting their plastic sleds for ride down the slopes of the dunes. I refused to rent one their and continued on my way to take some photos. When I got back to my motorbike I noticed the kids were playing in and around my bike and were quite excited to see me coming back towards them. With giggles and laughter they watched me get on my bike and get on my way. I felt a little suspicious but didn’t think anything of it. About a kilometre down the road towards the red sand dunes my bike stuttered and choked while I was travelling about 60km/h. I almost lost control as I was heading down hill and a big truck was headed my way. I gained control and moved to the side of the road. For the next 10 minutes my friend and I tried everything we could to get the bike to run but had no luck. We decided I would hop on his bike and get to the red sand dunes leaving the bike behind to retrieve on the way back. We got to the red sand dunes and spent some time jumping down the slopes, rolling, riding sleds and just fooling around. You feel like you’re in the Sahara Desert. The scorching heat persuaded us to get back on our hostel to get some shade and some rest. On the way back we stopped back at my bike to try to get it back running again. It didn’t make sense that it wouldn’t start because it had battery, it had gas and the ignition was working. That’s when I realized it must not be getting gas to the engine. My friend having some mechanic experience remembered that these motorbikes have a on and off switch for the gas to the engine. We found it and turned it the other way and after a few presses on the ignition the bike was running. Thank you kids at the white sand dunes for that experience.


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