Memory a day #17 – Angkor Wat

A UNESCO world heritage site, Angkor Wat is a architectural marvel and and important historic centre for Southeast Asia. The Angkor Wat is positions in the centre of a 400km² compound which is surrounded by a manmade canal to keep it protected from intruders. The precision used to build the temples and the detailed art sculpted on them are a magnificent display of skill and craftsmanship. I spent a full day and a half exploring the various temples and simply taking the whole experience in. The first day I visited the temples on a tour which was worthwhile because we had the benefit of being explained the history of the temples and we had the use of an air conditioned van to transport us around the large complex. The second day I rode a bicycle with a few friends early in the morning to catch the famous Angkor Wat sunrise which definitely lived up to the hype. I had bamboo rice which is rice stuffed in a bamboo with coconut milk, beans, sugar and other things depending on who’s making it and then barbecued over a small fire. These things are delicious so try it. You can buy day passes or 3 day passes. You can see the temples on your own accord in one day which is enough but I really enjoyed the tour and then exploring the temples on my own immediately after.


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