Memory a day #14 – Life in a day

signed up for a tour in Siem Reap, Cambodia, recommended by the Courage Vibe family that was in my Memory a day post #2, called Life in a Day. The premise behind it was to show you a typical Cambodian villagers daily activities. They take you to a village where you meet a family and then help them with the tasks of the day. First we rode the village taxi, a cow and a carriage, to a local residence. When we arrived we quickly got to work by building layers of a new bamboo leaf roof that was to replace the worn out one. Next we helped prepare a local dish which included ants (see me eating ants). Now, I’m a guy who loves exploring cuisines of the world and I try most anything but I have to say I was happy they also brought us sandwiches and fruit. Next we were taken on a tour around the rice fields and watched kids pick tamarind off trees to be collected and sold in the city. We visited a school built out of recycled plastic bottles where children learn skills outside of traditional school and local women to earn an income by stitching stuffed animals through an organization called Husk. It was a day of learning and doing and I recommend anyones who’s in Siem Reap to try this out. You can go through the same organization I went through called Beyond Unique Escapes if you like but there are others as well.


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