Memory a day #11 – Jungle Book

I found myself in a previously unknown destination to me in Thailand called Khao Sok National Park. Described as a walk through the the pages of the book “Jungle Book” I’d have to say it really was. I was in a bungalow in the middle of the jungle and felt like Shere Khan might pop out around any corner or that Mowgli might be in the next bungalow. The chirping of insects and whistling of birds created the atmosphere while our hosts at our bungalow made us feel at home with their perma-smiles. We even had some jam sessions (below).

I took a trek with a friend through the jungle, snooped around and swam in a cave and rode a boat to the floating bungalows. These set of bungalows used to live a 100 feet below before the dam was built and forced the local tribes to move out so they returned and built these as they refused to leave their home. Now it has expanded to serve tourist accommodations and a pit stop for people heading to the jungle and caves. I enjoyed one of the best tasting fish during our pit stop. It was a local fish but I can’t remember the name. This place is definitely a must see. It’s not on the usual backpacking trail but it’s a nice change from sand and sea breeze to the lush green and fresh air of the jungle. It was especially a good switch for me because I had spent the last month on the beaches of Koh Phayam, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan before coming down here.



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