Memory a day #5 and #6

Because I couldn’t upload memory a day #5 yesterday, I’m uploading a 2 in 1 memory a day.

Memory a day #5: Learning to surf in Kuta, Bali was not only a heck of an experience but it kicked the behind off of us. Just try it for 30 minutes and you’ll soon realize why surfers are in such great shape. We spent two hours getting instruction and practicing until we were able to finally “surf” and by “surf” I mean catching a small wave and not falling for at least 5 seconds.

 Memory a day #6: I followed this turtle while I was snorkelling. In complete silence I felt like I was in its world as I traced its steps from behind until its ascent for air. I was entranced by its majesty and peace which is why I couldn’t stop following. That is until I realized I was way too far away from the beach and was in the danger zone as diving boats whizzed passed me.


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