Memory a day #2

The Koh Rong family


This was my family for a week when I was just breaking in my backpacking legs in Cambodia. I met John (far left) on the ferry ride from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong, also known as Monkey Island. We spent the two hour ferry ride speaking about travel, business, books and one of John’s favourite stories: meeting Jodie Foster. I learned that his family was on a 9 month around-the-world trip which was being documented as part of a documentary called The Courage Vibe. I told John about the video I’m  making and a common thread was discovered. Due to the popularity of the island and the shortage of accommodations he offered to let me and a couple friends stay with him and his family (Jodie, Riley, Allison) if we couldn’t find a place to stay which was extremely generous (the theme of this family) and I was excited to meet the family and to learn about their adventure so far. What I thought would be a short meeting turned out to be beers and more stories. That night we met another couple of amazing people and our official Koh Rong family was born (from left to right: John, Jodie, Johanna, Allison, Leah, me, Riley, David, Aaron. Bottom row: Brittney, Kristin). We spent the next week sharing dinners, beers, beach bumming, hiking, snorkelling, and fishing. The recently popularized island also did its part in adding to our experience with its temperate turquoise blue waters, mile long white sand beaches and green jungle lush. I have to say this was one of favourite places if not my favourite.


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  1. Great memories Aslan. It was a magical week and still remains a highlight of our trip. I think we should plan a “family” reunion sometime soon. Jody

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