My city needs to travel

I’m back in Canada. Things haven’t changed here but I have. I can’t say how exactly. I can’t describe what I see differently from before and I can’t articulate my new views but I can tell you that I’m different. The social norms the society sets for us only become apparent when you take a moment to step out and then re-enter. There’s expectations when it comes to how you act in social settings and if you don’t follow people stare at you. Maybe not in a judgmental way but in way that yells, “Hey this isn’t normal.” You can’t stare into someone’s eyes here because it’s too awkward  You can’t smile at people because you’re either a creep or simply too happy. Your every move is judged and analyzed. At least that’s what it feels like. Is everyone just paranoid? I don’t know but it does seem that way. You have to get a chance to be you to understand that it’s okay. You get to do that when you travel. You get to do that when you step out, and when you get back you understand that “you” is fine. I feel like a lot of people in my city don’t know yet that “you” is fine. My city needs to travel. Get out and be yourself then come back and be yourself.


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