Be you

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned on this trip it’s been to be me. We  think that we are but really we’re not us 100% of the time. In our daily interactions we have a tendency to act a certain way or say certain things so that we are accepted by our peers. I’m not saying that we all do this to the same degree, some do it more and some less, but we all do it. While traveling you realize just how much you can be you and how people actually prefer that. If you happen to meet people that don’t like you or vice versa guess what you can do? Leave. It’s hard at home because you have certain circles of friends and acquaintances that have a certain expectation from you and suddenly getting up and leaving the bonfire with the expectation that you’ll never see them just isn’t possible.  So why can’t   you change? In fact it’s not even a matter of changing its just a matter of being the real you without any sugar coating. No fear from disagreement. No fear from opposition. No fear of rejection. So, the greatest lesson from this trip so far has been to be me. What do you think?

While you’re thinking enjoy these photos from diving and snorkeling in Gili. Smile.


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