Lacking familiarity. Life before school and work.


Before I left I thought I knew that the nomadic life was for me. It seemed glamorous. It seemed free of worry. It seemed like it was something anyone would want. I was wrong. Not that it’s not an amazing experience or I haven’t learned immensely it’s just that I can’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life. I feel the need to establish a home base while incorporating travel into my life. Other than missing my family and friends the main thing lacking in my life right now is the familiarity. I miss knowing how things work. I miss knowing where things are. I don’t miss tax 😉 but I miss what tax brings me. I just want to reiterate that I’m having an amazing experience here and I’m learning a lot. And this is just one thing of a million things I’ve learned.

What you learn from traveling is unexpected and indescribable and some things just start to make sense. Being away from your regular routine allows you to think differently or at least in a being in a different environment does. This change in processing makes all the difference. I think we need to consider sending our kids traveling before university. Consider life before school and work. Who at 18 knows what they really want to do? How can they know if they’ve never experienced what the world has to offer? What are the options? How many at 40 are passionate about their career choice? I know 40 that work simply to feed their family. No passion. How about loans for entrepreneurial activity rather than memorizing textbooks at school? Richard Branson is a huge advocate of this. If we give kids the opportunity to solve the worlds problems they will eventually better the world. Like Malcolm Gladwell explains about the 10,000 hour rule (after 10,000 hours of practice at anything makes you an expert and sets you apart from the average person) these kids could become masters at running businesses that solve world issues, and eventually will, rather than becoming unemployed graduates.

Do you agree with my education rant? Give me your thoughts.


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