ART…It’s in the name

I’ve spent the last week in YogyakARTa, Indonesia. It’s been a chance to slow down the pace and stay in one place for a while. I couldn’t have chosen a better place. If you’re into art then this is the place to check out. The city’s soul breathes with creativity whether is Batik traditional art, modern t-shirt screen printing, or a guy playing what seems like an inventory of a thousand songs while you’re hanging out, you are never dissapointed. After all ART is in the name. I’m staying in a place where the owner, Bedhot, is an artist. He paints. Does Batik. Tattoos. Sketches.  I don’t know what else he does but you can sense the type of atmosphere it creates. Oh and he has a really cool vintage Volkswagen you can see in the photos (that’s him in the drivers seat). Actually he’s got 7 of them. And 5 Vespa’s. You might want to look up the late artist Affandi who was one of Indonesia’s famous artists. Anyway, the city of approximately 4 million boasts 2 million students and 30 universities which gives you an even clearer picture of the energy in the city. Students whiz around on their scooters to and from school and local hangouts. Indonesia has a different feel than the other countries I’ve been to so far. The people are friendlier. The amenities are more up to date. The vegetation is stunning but unfortunately my camera doesn’t do it any justice. All in all it was a great place to stay for a while even though most are in and out. But when you stay you develop relationships and get a better sense of your environment. For example Bedhot took a friend and I to a popular local pizza place and he mentioned that he doesn’t usually do this. These are the experiences that create memories on a journey.


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