The other side

I’ve spent the last 24hrs travelling on a bus. I started at 6pm from Chiang Rai and got to Bangkok at 5:30am. I was on another bus at 6:30am and arrived in Pattaya at 8:30am. I intended to stay a week for some Muay Thai training but soon realized the town was infested with ex-pats and their Thai “girlfriends.” No wonder the guesthouse description included “back door entry for your companion.” I was back on the bus at 12pm. I arrived back in Bangkok at 2:30pm at a bus station at the other side of town from the main backpackers area. No one wanted to drive me there during rush hour until I finally convinced a tuk-tuk driver to drive me. 45 minutes and $10 later I was at my hostel. I expected days like this before travelling so there’s no complaints. I just wanted to share the other side of travelling. Smile.


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  1. definitely coulda told you pattaya was super shady. where are you staying now? did you enjoy chiang mai?

  2. Yes I liked Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai but would’ve been better if I wasn’t alone.ya I had to move fast so I made a poor decision on Pattaya. But only spent 4hrs there.

  3. Arvin says:

    Nice pictures…are you going to do some Muay Thai training?cant wait to see nor pictures..have fun!!:)

  4. I’m going to a class tomorrow. I’ll get some photos for sure.

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