Battambang to Chiang Mai

Battambang, Cambodia is a really quaint city. Not touristy like Siem Reap. The people are genuine and nice. You feel relaxed and part of a real town rather than a tourist zone. I rode the bamboo train and attempted to see the flight of the bats in the bat cave but was turned around by locals as it seemed they tried to communicate I shouldn’t go for some reason. After a couple of nice days with a friend I took a 9 hour bus ride from Battambang, to Bangkok. How was that ride? Let’s just say I made it. I was really beat when I made it onto Khaosan Road. I saw a sea of people drinking, eating, shopping and this happens 24/7/365. To no surprise did I feel a jolt of energy but needless to say I wasn’t here to party so I left the next day. I travelled north to Chiang Mai expecting a very small town but was surprised by a much larger city.  The first thing I did was sign up for a Thai cooking class. So now I’m a master chef in the Thai cuisine. Yeah right. The nightlife was impressive too. I enjoyed a couple of drinks with new friends from the cooking school at a reggae bar where a few Thai bands played live music. Then I made some Thai friends who kept buying me beers and wanted to take me to a Thai concert. I respectfully refused as I was busy the day after. The next day I visited some elephants, rode a bamboo raft and trekked in the jungle. The scenery in the highlands was beautiful, but unfortunately a camera lens can’t capture what you see with your eyes. After those adventures I’ll be headed to Chiang Rai.  It would seem that when travelling you’re in a constant state of departure and without a home but I feel home is where your heart is.


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