The future of Cambodia

The future of Cambodia lies with these kids. When the Khmer Rouge was in power they murdered all of the educated free thinking people of Cambodia and still today Cambodia is rebuilding their country in order to return to their previous form. Today children are discouraged from attending school in favour of helping the family with daily chores in the villages. Only 35% of children finish all schooling up to University. Furthermore, teachers are discouraged from teaching because of low wages and they seek to provide private lessons where they can earn more which leaves the country low on teachers. This school that I visited was founded by a lady in Sweden, Jenny, along with Seng Nga who has since passed away. The school was originally named after Jenny’s brother Mattias and since Seng’s passing his name was added. Now Seng’s brother Chonn has taken the reigns. He has been working off of small donations from Jenny’s family as well a funds that he saves himself in order to keep this small English school located under his mother’s house running. The children love coming to school to learn English and he dreams of expanding the school to reach movie children. I decided to help him achieve his goal. We are new working together to setup an Indiegogo story to spread the story and try to raise the money needed for computers, supplies, and a real school. The children that can speak English become more prosperous because they can work in the large tourism industry in Cambodia and go off to university for better education and better jobs. I’ll post news in regards to this project as it develops.


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