A day in a life

Knocked two birds with one stone. I found a company that organizes day trips into villages to spend half a day as a local and I also ate insects so two of the challenges from the challenge section on my blog are complete. My experience at the village was interesting. I built three layers for their roof and it took me over 30 minutes and they need 100 of them. They’ll surely handle the rest. It’s amazing how self sufficient they are. Anything that need they can do using their two hands. From the moment they get up until they sleep they’re occupied with surviving. No video games. No beauty products. No waste. I helped the villagers cook some authentic food too. And yes the authentic for consisted of red ants soaked in water. They weren’t bad, just sour. The thought of eating them was unpleasant though. The villagers rely heavily on rice output but because of the monsoon season most villagers can only grow dry rice for part of the year. Some villagers grow monsoon rice but not all are so privileged. There are three classes of villagers: type 1, 2, or 3. One being the poorest and three being the most wealthy so In order to overcome the rainy season the men have to find work in the city for as little as $3 a day working in construction. An average Cambodian lives off $100 a month so you can see where the difficulty lies. Something else I noticed is that I haven’t seen any toys in the villages. What’s sad is that most kids are discouraged from going to school in order to help with daily chores. All in all it was an experience rich day and I would recommend doing this. The company is in Siem Reap and is called Beyond Unique Escapes.

Enjoy the video and pictures.


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