How I see Cambodia

Delicious Cambodian food
Delicious Cambodian food

At home I’ve always felt like there’s way too much consumption and waste. Whether it comes to food, clothing, vehicles, or any other necessity or consumer good. So far in Cambodia I’ve observed that everything is used to the end of its life and then reused. In business school I learned that out of necessity comes invention or innovation and like other developing countries in the world the Khmer people certainly use everything and anything to get the job done. It seems almost everything is done unconventionally. Showers and toilets are in the sane room and if you’re on the island you’re lucky if you have plumbing. Instead look to flush your stuff down the toilet with a bucket of water. Showering only gets you a few hours of cleanliness if you shower after 7 PM so there’s no point in wasting time and energy scrubbing. I’ve never seen such price discrimination either. Business schools need not look anywhere else for an example. Everything here has two prices and of course you know who’s paying the premium. Something I’ve noticed is how friendly the Cambodian people are. They love to interact and love it if you ask them about their culture or engage in their customs. Try Amok whether it’s in your home town or Cambodia. It’s a traditional curry served in bamboo leaf and served with your choice of meat or you can get it vegetarian. In addition to that, it’s extremely easy to stay vegetarian here. I haven’t had any trouble as every where I’ve ate offers vegetarian options.

Enough of the random thoughts. Is unbelievable how easy it is to procure information about where to go, what to see, where to eat, and where to stay just by chatting to other travellers. I don’t think a lonely planet is necessary unless you plan on not engaging in any conversations with anybody. Just bring a notebook with you everywhere so you can jot down what people tell you. Here are some other useful items to bring:
– earplugs: for long bus rides or to catch some shut eye at a noisy dorm
– locks: small, large, coded, keyed. You’ll need them at various points
– Pepto Bismol: lets just sat we’re not used to this cuisine

Eventually I’m going to have a ” travel tips” section so keep an eye out.

Another thing to look or did is my expense history which will be categorized to give you insight on how much it typically costs a single traveller to backpack South East Asia.

Thank you you for following. I hope the information on the blog is valuable to you.


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