Phnom Penh to Sianoukville

My first stop was Phnom Penh. I have to say I was real paranoid off of the plane because of all the stories of scams and thievery. How wrong I was. The people are friendly and not as intrusive as other places I’ve visited before. The capital city is busy but not huge. Streets are labeled as a street no matter how small or how large and it can be extremely misconceiving at first but you learn quickly. The vibe in Phnom Penh is different than what I’ve experienced traveling before. Maybe it has to do with the fact that hostels are rare and I stayed in a private room both nights. Anyhow, I wouldn’t say there’s a lot to see or do there. Even the attractions I saw were easily skippable, however I’m still happy I visited. I got on the bus this morning (January 21) and immediately delved into the backpacker culture. I’ve probably met and became friends with 15 people in 8 hours. I’m in a hostel in Sinaoukville and it feels like I’m in heaven. The weather is what you dream of at night. My project is going well too. I’ve recorded three interviews and the answers so far are simply remarkable. I can’t wait until the final product is complete. I’ll be visiting the beaches tonight and then of to a remote island called Koh Rong. In the morning. Ps. You can see sporadic photo updates if you click on t” photos” then ” instagram” Livelifelovelifesmile


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