Follow the beautiful light

Are we just an illusion floating in a virtual universe? Maybe we’re being spoken to in vibrations outside our visible spectrum,
which means when you think of it, we’ve never really conversed.
Why do doctors destroy health and lawyers destroy justice?
Universities destroy knowledge and governments destroy freedom?
Media destroys information and religions destroy spirituality?
Why is everything backwards? And why do we just let it be?
If they can control what we rely on then they can control us.
If they control our perception. They control us.
Who’s they, we don’t see them but ask, who’s grey?
We feel things we can’t really explain, like what’s our reptilian brain?
In fact, why are all the stories the same? From religion, to myths, to bedtime stories to games?
Been told by the Gnostics, even since Mesopotamian days, that we’ve been visited by an alien race,
We’ve read scriptures, we’ve seen depictions in reptilian face, but we can’t find an ounce of truth, not even a trace.
And if we can’t see it, you better believe it doesn’t exist, that’s simple and plain.
We feel things so extraordinary that they can’t be explained,
We can’t understand it so we ignore it and carry on with our day,
Like when we see evidence in space, that’s when scientists lock the information away,
Life’s a game that’s being played by them, which means we’re only a simulation,
We’re pawns in a game that doesn’t exist, upon further examination.
Or is life a dream within a dream within a dream? Inception.
You wake up when you die and realize you’ve just left it?
In life love is all we have, so learn to speak with your heart,
We used to use it so much but now we find that it’s locked.
Time is an illusion we created to organize our lives,
Planning our day and our week, slaves to father time.
We wake, work, eat, sleep, and do it all again,
Study, memorize, regurgitate it all back out through a pen.
Chase the dream, chase the dream, CHASE IT but you’ll never catch it,
I see recurring themes in front of me, it’s so close that I’m blinded by its magic.
Symbols, geometry, movies, art, if we look we can see it,
But we’ve been programmed never to believe it.
We’re distracted, we’re blinded by tactics they’ve mastered,
Augmented reality, they’ve considered all the factors.
Even still,  we’re living in a beautiful age, our energy is vibrating in incredible ways.
In fact I’m not writing these words on the page, I’m simply translating the energy waves,
All I see around me is miraculous change, a chapter in a novel of miraculous things.
That’s why I smile so you smile so we smile so that you remember,
That your heart holds your wisdom, it’s got a message from you the sender.
There’s a power within us, a greater consciousness awaits,
There was a past when we were elevated, a future we built and still create.
I know my thoughts are scattered, but my feelings are what matter.
I say, live life love life smile.
If you’re ridiculed and you’re crazy or you’re odd and unique,
Then you’re on the right path, not brainwashed or herded like sheep.

Follow the beautiful light.

– theanonymoustraveller


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