Videos you’ll love

We all need inspiration. We all need words and imagery to direct our focus to the good things in life. Sometimes we just want to look at something and enjoy the creativity or just enjoy a good story. Here is a list of some of my favourite videos under 5 min (except the first one).

1. Story about a man who was found behind a Burger King dumpster who can’t remember his past and nobody remembers him nor are there any records of his existence.

2. The talent and time to create this motion reel with this creativity is truly stunning.

3. What an amazing depiction of the aging of mankind. As you reach the end you still the kid in them.

4. This video captures the excitement in the city perfectly. Can’t wait to experience Kuala Lumpur first hand. 

5. This video has blasted a modern twist into a country so immersed with culture and history with music that lift you to a level of excitement that makes you want to fly there NOW! 

6. Our home. Our planet. Carl Sagan, as he so often did, describes our interaction and existence on earth with immense insight. 

7. This video displays great videography in combination with great music and incredible snowboarding skill by our own homegrown talen in our own backyard.

8. If you haven’t seen them already, Les Twins from France in combination with Yak Films bring the world of music and dance together with pure chemistry. Amazing to watch.

9. Like our cousins the Blue Whale we too have the ability to hold our breath under water for an extended period of time (look it up: mammalian diving reflex) and check out Guillaume dive the blue hole. 

10. You all know the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” but have you heard of the Pentatonix. They create music with their vocals only. Close your eyes and see if you can tell the difference. 


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