I’ll miss ya

I’ve had so many discussions about why I want to leave and what I’ll experience when I get to Asia. But what I wanted to clear up is that I’m not escaping Vancouver because I’ve lost interest in the city. In fact, I love Vancouver. What I want to leave is the monotony. What will I miss exactly? My family. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am. With their support I’ve accomplished many things. What else? My friends. Let me rephrase that. My family. My closest of friends are literally like my family and I can’t be happier with the people I’ve surrounded my self with. Each brings something to the group and the melange is perfect. So what about my city? It’s beautiful and it’s no surprise why they call it “Beautiful British Columbia.” Every corner of this city has a story and parts of it have a ¬†history richer than Bill Gates. Granville St., to Gastown to the West End to so on and so on. I know my Vancouverites will agree there’s no where else they’d rather be than the beaches of Vancouver in the summer. Till we meet again old city. Keep smiling Vancouver. 12/12/12


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