My challenge to you

Here’s a challenge I have for YOU…sit down with blank piece of paper and a pen. You need 20 minutes for this challenge. Start the timer and start writing as fast as you can because you need to try to write a list of 100 things you want to do you in your life, people you want to meet, jobs you want to have, etc etc. The key is to write without thinking. Just write and it doesn’t matter how farfetched. Just keep writing. After 20 minutes put the paper away. Don’t look at it until after a day or two. Go back to it. Is there a trend? Is there a realization? Something stick out at you? I did this exercise a few months ago and that’s why I’m travelling in January. My brother saw the list by chance and his response was “THIS IS DEEP. WHY ARENT’ YOU LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE? PLEASE DO IT.” Let me know how it went if you end up doing this.Image


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